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Hotels in Kyoto京都
You can find various kinds of accommodations in Kyoto, depending on which service you need, what you would like to experience or which area you would like to stay etc.
Kyoto-hotels.jp is here to assist you to find the ideal accommodation for your stay around Kyoto.
v In this website, you can find convenient and reasonable hotels and Inn (Ryokan) near stations, which are strictly selected by the well-versed Japanese staffs through their experience of travelling in Japan and also it is possible to directly make a reservation through us.
Kyoto-hotels.jp is the perfect website to the people who especially would like to save accommodation fee. We hope you will be able to find the one you are looking for and enjoy the second biggest city in Japan!

About Kyoto

Kyoto is definitely the remarkable place where you can fully have the experience of Japanese history, culture, tradition and so on. It's not only the sightseeing but also beauty in Japan "Wabi" and "Sabi".
There are 17 temples, shrines and castles registered as World Heritage and the representative of them are Kiyomizu temple, Ginkakuji, Kinkakuji, Nijo Castle and Byodoin Temple. Meanwhile, many tourist also visit beautiful traditional Japanese gardens like Ryoanji which is well-known in worldwide its Zen rock garden.

Walking around in Kyoto is absolutely full of worth and fun. Not only the fact you can enjoy having the traditional experience with beautiful old town and atmosphere but also you may come across "Maiko (an apprentice geisha)", especially Gion area.
Staying Kyoto is very convenient to access to anywhere. It takes only 1 hour by train to visit Nara prefecture where there is the Colossal Buddha registered as World Heritage, takes also 1 hour to visit the second biggest city in Japan Osaka where you can enjoy the sightseeing like Osaka castle, local food Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki etc.
You can also easily access to Tokyo, which takes 2 hours and 20 min to Tokyo by Nozomi shinkansen or 3 hours 30 min by Kodama shinkansen.

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