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【Chugenji 】Detailed review!Benefits and highlights

Eastern Kyoto
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Introducing Chugenji Temple in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.

In this article, we will send you a repo of Chugenji’s amulet, profits and highlights, worship time and parking lot.


Profits and highlights of Chugenji

Chugenji is written in Japanese as “仲源寺”
The main deity is the Jizo Shrine, also called the “Meyami Jizo”, and is believed to bring you good luck for eye diseases.

This is the main gate.

Chugenji main gate
Chugenji main gate

This is a history information board about Chugenji next to the main gate.

Chugenji information board

If you pass through the main gate, you will see “Temizuya” on your left.
First, clean your hands and mouth.

Chugenji Temizuya

Next to the Temizuya is the “MizuKo-kuyo jizo”.
Mizuko means children who died in the mother’s stomach.

Chugenji MizuKo-kuyo jizo

Next to this is Jijizo, a large and small variety.

Chugenji jizo

Opposite Jizo is “Kannon-do”.

If you look inside, you can see “Senju Kannon”, an important cultural property.
When looking through the glass, it is so big that it looks up.

Chugenji Kannon-do

Go ahead and you will see the main hall in front.

Behind this is a Jizo bosatsu that stopped the legendary rain.
It is “Meyami Jizo”.

Chugenji Meyami Jizo

Next to the main hall is “Tendo Dainichi Nyorai”.

Chugenji Tendo Dainichi Nyorai


Chugenji’s Goshuin

You can get the Goshuin at the office of the precincts.

Chugenji's office

When there is no window, the person in charge will come to you when you press the intercom.
This is the Goshuin of chugenji.

Chugenji's Goshuin
Price: 300 yen
This is one of the Goshuin at Chugenji.


Chugenji’s omamori(amulet)

Chugenji’s “Meyami Jizo omamori”


Believed to be beneficial for eye diseases.

Meyami Jizo omamori

There are some other items such as amulets and bills.

Chugenji's omamori(amulet)

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Chugenji worship time and parking

Worship time at chugenji is from 7am to 19:30
There are no holidays

Chugenji does not have a dedicated parking.
For car worship, please use nearby parking.

Chugenji  parking

However, parking is always crowded and expensive, so we recommend visiting by public transport.

When visiting by public transport
By train: 1 minute walk from Keihan “Gion Shijo”
By bus: 1 minute walk from city bus “Keihan Shijo”
From Kyoto Station, it takes about 20 minutes by public transport and on foot.