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Recommended for memories of Kyoto! Temple stamp – Goshuin

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The Goshuin is recommended for memories of your Kyoto trip.
In English it is called redstamp or temple stamp.
The Goshuin is a proof of worship that you can get at each shrine or temple.

This is so beautiful!

There are many types and they are perfect as souvenirs.
Here I will teach you how to redeem that Goshuin.


What is a “Goshuin”?

Goshuin is written in Japanese as “御朱印”
The goshuin can be found anywhere in Kyoto.
This is a paper with the name of the shrine and temple and the date of visit.


This is a testimony of worship.

The paper can be left as it is, but it is very convenient if you have a “Goshuinbook”
Goshuinbook is written in Japanese as “御朱印帳”

You can save it as a collection book later.


You can also buy the Goshuinbook at each shrine and temple.
Each design is beautiful.

You can buy the Goshuinbook for about 2000 yen.


How to get a Goshuin

shrine office

You can get the Goshuin at the shrine or temple’s office.
It is a place selling omamori(amulet) etc.

If you don’t know where it is, ask the Japanese “Goshuin”.
You can tell me right away.

However, there is an order to get the Goshuin.
Please get it after the worshiping.

Most of the Goshuin are reasonable at 300 yen.
You can buy as many as you like.

If you have a Goshuinbook, hand it over and it will be written directly to it.

Popular shrines have a waiting time.
Recommended in the morning and evening.


The Goshuin design


The design of the Goshuin is various and is the original of each shrine and temple.
Some shrines have a Goshuin for a limited time.

Some of them are very artistic Goshuin, so it is interesting to look for them.

For example・・・
▼ 圓徳院(entokuin) has two types of Goshuin.

Goshuin art

▼ 建勲神社(kenkun) Shrine’s “Oda Nobunaga” version Goshuin.

Goshuin art

Search for “Kyoto Goshuin” and find your favorite Goshuin.


Collecting is very fun!

I think that the Goshuin is the best monument for traveling to Kyoto.