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How to enjoy the beautiful Japanese gardens of Kyoto for free!

Kyoto things to do
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There are many beautiful Japanese gardens in Kyoto.
However, there are many places where admission is required to view it.

But, we will teach you how to enjoy a free Japanese garden that normally costs money!


Japanese garden in Entokuin “圓徳院”

Japanese garden in Entokuin

Entokuin is the residence where Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s wife “Nene” lived.
You can admire the beautiful Japanese garden and Japanese house in Entokuin.
Admission is 500 yen.

Japanese garden in Entokuin

I always meditation in front of this Japanese garden.


It ’s really relaxing.

In addition to this, you can appreciate the wonderful Japanese house, but you can’t show the image because it is No photography.

Anyway, it is a place where you can relax slowly and quietly.
You can feel Japanese “wabi sabi”.


How to enter Entokuin for free!

Let’s teach you how to enter Entokuin for free.
That is this!

How to enter Entokuin for free

Entokuin is free if you have an Amex card.

Entokuin has a contract with American Express and members can use it as a special lounge.
Please present your card at the reception.
This is free.

Amex Gold Card holders only.
Please be careful about business hours.

There is no one at the reception.
On the board is written “If you want, please strike this bell”.

When you ring the bell, a person in charge will come and guide you.
This is the lounge.

Tea is also provided free.

There are elaborate statues in the lounge.


It ’s rare to see it in such a near.

You will be surprised by the sophistication.

After a short break, head to Entokuin.
I will walk in this corridor.
This is the back door, so you can only pass VIP.

Now, let’s enjoy Entokuin!

Entokuin can use the VIP Lounge if you have an Amex Gold Card.
Please try it.