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【Kyoto Hana Hotel 】Detailed stay review

Eastern Kyoto
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I stayed at the Kyoto Hana Hotel!

A thorough detailed review of the Kyoto Hana Hotel.
Room, breakfast, service, good place, bad place, detailed review that you don’t know if you actually stayed.


Guest rooms at Kyoto Hana Hotel

The rooms at Kyoto Hana Hotel are very simple, but it is a little different from the feeling of an ordinary business hotel.
A slightly stylish business hotel.

There are many stylish rooms that cannot be called business hotels.
Perhaps it is not a business but a tourist hotel concept.

However, I stayed in an ordinary simple room …

Guest rooms at Kyoto Hana Hotel

When I entered the room with a card key, there was an air cleaner.
This is nice.

There are hotels that get up in the morning and get hurt.
There is no worry about that.
And deodorant spray

There is a hairdryer on the desk.
There is a small classic water heater.
Also tea to drink using it.
There were about 4 pack types.

Below the desk is a small refrigerator.
And there was a nice small safe.
I am relieved to have this.

Guest rooms at Kyoto Hana Hotel

The bed width felt wide.
My favorite is a little hard and good.

There is also an outlet at the bedside, which is convenient.

However, the room lights cannot be turned off while sleeping.
Because the switch is out of reach, you can only get up.

Kyoto Hana Hotel bed

The bathroom is an average size unit bath.
Whereas most hotel unit baths are white, the bathrooms at Kyoto Hana Hotel are accented with some black.
That alone has a sense of quality.

Kyoto Hana Hotel bathrooms

The washlet toilet is very quiet even if it is washed away.

There are hotels that make a lot of noise when they are streamed, and I’m nocturnal, so I’ll pay attention to that sound.
Every time I flow in the middle of the night, the next room seems to be noisy …

There are plenty of amenities.
And 6 types!

Kyoto Hana Hotel amenities

I’m a poor person and I always use them all at times like this ^^


Dining at Kyoto Hana Hotel

Breakfast at Kyoto Hana Hotel is buffet style.
There are relatively light items, but it’s the price including breakfast.

Kyoto Hana Hotel Breakfast

On this day, bacon, corn soup and salad were cabbage, lettuce, corn, carrot and seaweed.

Kyoto Hana Hotel Breakfast

And bread.
White bread and French bread.
You can also bake here.

Kyoto Hana Hotel Breakfast

Omelet with yogurt, fruit punch, rice ball and glue.

After that, there are several types of drink machines such as coffee, cafe au lait, and espresso.
It was orange juice and apple juice.

The point here is onigiri(rice ball).
If you are a tourist, you should be able to come in handy when you are hungry.
When you go out, it is convenient to bring the water from the hotel water server.

There was no take-out prohibition ^^


Around Kyoto Hana Hotel and others

Around Kyoto Hana Hotel and others

This Kyoto Hana Hotel is a short walk from Keihan Sanjo Station.
You can walk to the downtown area from the hotel, and the convenience store is next to the hotel.

You can walk to Kamogawa River and go to downtown.
Pontocho is the nearest.

The shopping district of Shinkyogoku is also within walking distance of Nishiki Market and of course Gion.

A walking distance from the hotel
・Kamogawa River
・Nishiki Market

It is very convenient as a base for sightseeing in Kyoto!

By the way, you can leave your luggage before check-in on the day of your stay.

The employees were all smiling and polite, and the customer service was good.
When I heard the recommended restaurant (dinner), it seemed that the newcomer responded, but I had a good response even if I was not used to it.


After all, that’s right.
Customer service is …

Kyoto Hana Hotel was a hotel where I wanted to stay again.

Kyoto Hana Hotel
〒605-0001 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, Ohashicho,