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【Kyoto Plaza Hotel】Detailed stay review

Southern Kyoto
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I stayed at Kyoto Plaza Hotel!

A thorough detailed review of the Kyoto Plaza Hotel.
A good review, a bad review, a detailed review that you don’t know if you actually stayed.


Guest rooms at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

The guest rooms at Kyoto Plaza Hotel are very simple.
This is an average business hotel.

Guest rooms at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

Small TV is not particularly worrisome.
I usually come to stay and watch almost no TV …

The desk has no depth and is almost full if you put a PC.
However, there are a lot of outlets, so I appreciate this.

There is a small classic water heater.
Also tea to drink using it. (Pack type)

Below the desk is a small refrigerator.

Guest rooms at Kyoto Plaza Hotel
Guest rooms at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

The bathroom is an average size unit bath.
By the way, there is no toilet seat heater.

Washlet to fill the water by turning the dial.
When you play it, it makes a pretty loud sound.

Kyoto Plaza Hotel unit bath

There are 2 sets of bath towels and face towels.
When staying alone, hotels sometimes have only one set of towels.


I don’t like the stinginess of the hotel.

There are plenty of amenities.

Occasionally there are hotels with shampoos and rinses in small packages, but Oila hate them.

After all, those who use it by squeezing from that package are poor …
Once upon a time, I was stunned when I saw myself in the mirror of a unit bath.


“What a small man …”

There is a hair dryer in the room.

And room wear.
I am fashionable and stick here.

Kyoto Plaza Hotel room wear

Long type without trousers.
The touch is also good.


Large Public bath at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

One of the main reasons for choosing this Kyoto Plaza Hotel this time is the existence of a large public bath.
I love big bath, and the unit bath is not enough.

Large Public bath at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

It is a dressing room.
It ’s good.

There was no shaving here in the room unit bath.

And a large public bath.

Large Public bath at Kyoto Plaza Hotel
Large Public bath at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

Of course, it’s not a “onsen”(hot spring), but I don’t want it.
After all, this feeling of liberation will heal the fatigue of travel! !

By the way, there is a women’s bath, but you can’t report it …


Dining at Kyoto Plaza Hotel

Breakfast at Kyoto Plaza Hotel is buffet style.
Although relatively light items are lined up, this is probably because the price includes breakfast.

There is no impression that it was special or good, but you can get a passing score in orthodox.

The only thing I was interested in was the manners of the guests.
I think there are cultural customs overseas, but the manners were not good.


If you do it in the Viking format , you will lose your worst appetite …

If you eat or drink elsewhere, it becomes a vending machine.
What you can eat was cup ramen.

Kyoto Plaza Hotel vending machine

There are no special features in vending machines.

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Around Kyoto Plaza Hotel and others

Around Kyoto Plaza Hotel and others

Kyoto Plaza Hotel is an 8-minute walk from Kyoto Station.
However, there is a bus stop about 3 minutes from the hotel for bus sightseeing.

Use by car may be the most convenient.
There is also a parking lot outside, so you can park without worrying about the size or height of the car.

The place where the Kyoto Plaza Hotel is located is not a downtown area in front of the station, nor a lonely suburb.
But there is a big AEON MALL right in front of the hotel, so you can use it here.

A walking distance from the hotel
・Kyoto Station
・Kyoto Tower
・Kyoto Aquarium
・Kyoto Railway Museum


There are several types of “macula” to choose from (first-come-first-served basis), and there are rental bicycles.

Kyoto Plaza Hotel

I wasn’t particularly worried about the sound next door, but one cautionary note …
I don’t smoke, but there is no non-smoking room this time.

Even though I entered the room, I was relieved without smelling the cigarette …
When I turned on the air conditioner, the cigarette odor filled up all at once.



Not all rooms are like this, but if you don’t like cigarettes, it’s better to use non-smoking rooms

Kyoto Plaza Hotel
〒601-8414,28 Nishikujo Zaocho, Minami Ward, Kyoto
check-in / 15:00
check out / 10:00