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Cheap and Delicious! Five Select Japanese cuisine Lunch Spots in Kyoto

Cheap and Delicious! Five Select Japanese cuisine Lunch Spots in KyotoKyoto Restaurants / Foods
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There are many sightseeing spots and restaurants in Kyoto.

Would you like to taste delicious Japanese food if you come to Kyoto?

This time, we will introduce five restaurants (lunch) in Kyoto where you can enjoy authentic Japanese taste at reasonable price.


“Kanesho” gion shijo

Kanesho Kinshi-don

The first restaurant to introduce is “Kanesho” located near Gion Shijo Station, a sightseeing spot in Kyoto.

This is a restaurant that you should stop by when you head from Kawaramachi to Gion such as Hanamikoji, Kenninji, Yasaka Shrine.

Kanemasa is a long-established eel restaurant that is quietly located in the back of the alley.
The restaurant is a small restaurant with two counters and table seats.

famous food is “Kinshi-don” 1800yen.

Kanesho Kinshi-don

At the bottom is rice with a sweet eel sauce.
An eel baked over charcoal with the sauce on top of it, a finely chopped and fluffy egg on it.
There are elaborate statues in the lounge.


This sauce is excellent!

In Japan, there is a traditional culture of eating eel.
It is famous for the food called “kabayaki”, which is made from eel with a sweet and spicy sauce and eel over the fire.

There are other dishes such as “Unagi” and “Onigiri”.
Since the eel will be cooked carefully after receiving the order, please visit with plenty of time.


”Nishijin Toriiwaro” Kamigyo

Nishijin Toriiwaro

The second restaurant to introduce is “Nishijin Toriiwaro”.
Nishijin is a production area of high-grade textiles such as “Nishijin Textile” that has been in use for more than 500 years.
Nishijin Ori is still in production, and there are facilities where you can see Nishijin Ori and see the folding area.

There is only one lunch menu “oyakodon” 900yen.

Nishijin Toriiwaro oyakodon

“Oyakodon” is a one-plate rice with eggs and chickens (child and parent) on rice.
Oyakodon comes with chicken soup.

Even if I do not like raw eggs (the writer), it is a dish that can be enjoyed deliciously by mixing it with the surrounding ingredients.

The main restaurant is “water-cooked” (chicken pot) at night, but it is a popular restaurant in the daytime because you can taste long-established dishes at a reasonable price.


The restaurant takes off your shoes.

There is a small garden on the first floor, and the shop is a tasteful Japanese house.

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“Rihaku” nijo castl


The third restaurant to be introduced is “Rihaku” near Nijo Station.

This is a small restaurant in a residential area, opened this year by the master who trained at a restaurant in Gion.
We call this “Kappo” in Japanese.

Kappo refers to a Japanese restaurant that serves dishes at the counter.
Basically, enjoy Japanese cuisine with sake.

For lunch, the main course is soba (Japanese noodle dishes).

Rihaku soba lunch

Salmon sushi, dashi rolls, and a small bowl of vegetables are included for 1500yen.

This is a restaurant with only 7 seats at the counter.


You can see how Japanese food is made from the counter.

Lunch is a two-part system from 11:30 and 12:30.

Why don’t you stop by when you come to Nijo Castle?


“Toyoukechaya” kitanotenmangu


The fourth restaurant to be introduced is “Toyouke Chaya” across the street in front of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

This is a restaurant famous “tofu” by a long-established.
Healthy foods such as “tofu” and “yuba” are local speciality in Kyoto.

The recommended menu is “Toyoukedon” 800yen.


On top of the rice, “Kujo leeks”“tofu” “Fried chicken” “shiitake mushrooms”, and so on.
A small bowl of “yuba” “pickles”“vegetables”

There are also many other menus where you can enjoy Kyoto-like dishes such as “Kyoto vegetables” and “yuba-don” and “Yudofu”.

On the first floor, tofu, yuba and soy milk pudding are sold for take-away from morning to evening.
The restaurant is only open for lunch.

Many people stand in line, you can easily find a restaurant.

If you visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and Kamihichiken (an area that resembles Gion, a stone paved street with a townhouse), why don’t you stop by?


“Kikumasa” gion shijo

Kikumasa lunch

The last restaurant to introduce is “Kikuhisa” near Gion Shirakawa.
This is a hidden well-established restaurant.
This is a restaurant with a small entrance that you won’t notice.

“Kikuhisa” is a good value for money restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine for 2000yen.
Each dish provided is carefully made, and you can feel the delicacy of Japanese cuisine.

Kikumasa lunch

Rice, pickles, miso soup, and dessert will be served after the cooking in the photo.
This is a popular restaurant for locals, so please stop by.
You may not be able to enter without a reservation.


Gion Shirakawa’s beautiful scenery makes it a photo spot for weddings.

There are also many Japanese restaurants and shops where you can enjoy matcha sweets.
Access by train from Gion Shijo Station and Kawaramachi Station is convenient.

Above, we have introduced 5 restaurants (lunch) in Kyoto where you can enjoy authentic Japanese taste at an affordable price.
Please enjoy delicious Japanese food during your sightseeing in Kyoto.

※ The price of the menu may be changed.